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Not all photobooths are created equal

The answers to these simple questions sets us apart from the rest

Before you commit to a photobooth company just ask them the following questions and see if they compare?

1. Do they use dye sublimination (dye-sub) printers?

- Anything less will not produce a photo that will last for years. The sub-dye printer actually laminates the photo before it comes out. The print time is approx. 10 seconds and comes out ready to handle.

2. Is the following included in their rental or do they charge extra?

- Your guests able to choose from black & white, color, or antique photos

- Copies of the photo strip for everyone in the photo (2x6 prints)

- Free scrapbook (with wedding rental)  

- Free custom designed logos on the photo strips (not the cookie cutter templates)

- Free custom boarder colors and background colors

- Free custom welcome screen (what your guest see on the screen in the booth)

- Touch Screen Technology

- Adult attendant(s) to assist your guest and keep the fun going

- Free prop box with funny hats, glasses, noses and much more

- Do they use at least 18 mega pixel DSLR Cameras

- Your event photos given to you on a CD or zip file

- Your event photos posted on their website that can be password protected

- Some companies charge extra for some or all of these options

- With our company ALL of these are included in our one low price!!

3. Do they offer unlimited photo sessions during the rental period?

- Because we offer so many different props your guests must be allowed to come back as many times they want to get their photos taken with all the different props we bring with us. 

4. Do they include multiple prints?

-If six people go into the booth then all six get a photo! The industry standard is that no matter how many people are in the booth they only print two photos. How would you like to be one of the ones that don't get a copy?

5. Does their booth accomidate more than two people?

- Many times groups of 4, 5, or even 6 want to be in the photo. We say great. The more the better! We have had up to 14 people in our booth (you are basically limited to how many people can fit in the camera frame)

6. Are they insured?

- We are completely insured at every event giving everyone the peace of mind. We work very hard to add FUN to your event.

7. Do they bring with them backup equipment should something FAIL?
- We bring with us to the event and extra camera, an extra printer, and extra computer as well as extra cords. We understand that electronics always seem to fail at the worst times so we want to be a prepared as possible.

8. Are their cameras stationary or movable?

- We have removed the stationary fixed cameras and replaced them with fully movable ball head connections. This allows the attendant to be able to adjust the camera to fit everyone in the photo instead of your guests trying to make themselves fit. It really makes a difference when small children or taller people go in the booth.

9.Can their booths accommodate wheelchairs?

- Many will claim that they do but unless their cameras are movable they would have a hard time getting the guests completely within the photo. (camera frame)

10. Do they offer video within their photobooths?

-All of our photobooths have the ability to capture videos that your guests leave (there is an additional charge)

We believe that by customizing everything about your photobooth rental you and your guests will have a great time and leave with some great memories!

Call us today and ask any other questions you might have: 216-906-8800