our booths

Every one of our booths are hand made!

In 2010 we purchased our first photobooth off the internet which is still where the majority of companies still get their photobooths from. We learned very quickly this was our first mistake - It was small and could fit no more than 2 or 3 people inside. The construction and the curtains were cheaply made. It even had a fixed camera secured tightly within the photobooth. So we scrapped it and started to create a photobooth with what we believe to have everything we could think of that a client would want in a photobooth.  We spent a lot of time speaking to different venues asking them what dimensions would work best. Our photobooths are large enough to accommodate 10 people easily. They all have movable cameras which will help the attendant get everyone in the photo. You don't have to adjust to the camera, it adjusts to you! If your guests are any where between 4 foot tall (or shorter) to over 7 feet we can get you in the photo. We can even accommodate multiple wheelchairs with no problem at all. All of the booths have touch screen monitors as well. We are always looking for ways to improve our booths to better serve our customers.

& Green Screens


stand up Booth or sit down booth?   it's your choice!!!!

We have recently improved all of our booths so that they can be either a stand up or sit down booth

We recommend that if your event will have children attending to go with a sit down booth. The bench makes it very easy to make sure that no heads are cut off on the photo strips. (thanks to the movable cameras we use)

If your event is going to be an adult only event we would recommend a stand up booth which gives your guests a lot of movement within the booth.