Once you find a logo that you like simply e-mail us the Code#  with the color changes that you want made as well as any writing changes you want and we'll make the design and e-mail it to you for approval. Of course if the newly made design is not what you had expected just choose another design and we'll make another.

& Green Screens

Click on the link below to enter the Photo Strip Logo Page. From there you will see two galleries.

S-Designs: These are our most commonly chosen designs. EVERY PART OF THESE LOGOS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED!! We will change the colors or fonts to match your event.

C-Designs: These are designs made specifically for an event. If you see a layout type that you want we can customize the layout to match your event specifically by using your own logos or images. We will also create custom images for you at no additional charge.

If you don't see anything that will work for your event just e-mail or call us and we will work with you to create a design just for you.