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frequently asked questions

What choices do I have for the photo colors?  
Your guests may choose black and white, color or antique for their photos. It's their choice!

Do you offer scrapbook or memory book services?
This option is very popular at weddings. We set up a station with a nice photo scrapbook, colored pens, and glue sticks. We print 2 copies of each strip so that your guest can keep one copy and paste the other one into a photo album. The book is delivered to you at the end of the night making a great keepsake for the bride and groom. Double prints are included with the scrapbook service. Best of all a memory book is included and it's FREE with every wedding.

Will you provide me with a digital copy of the pictures of the event? 
We will provide you (at no additional cost) with a high resolution digital copy of all your images and we will upload all of the pictures to an online photo gallery so they can be viewed or printed later by your guests. Not only will you get all of the photo strip files but you will get all of the original photos that make up each strip

What if we want to add on additional time to our party or event?
Additional hours may be requested for an additional cost of $100 per hour prior to the event - just ask us.

Will someone be there to attend to the photo booth?
Yes, we will have a friendly booth attendant at your event to ensure things run smoothly. We will arrive one hour before the booth run time and breakdown at the end of the event at no additional cost.

Do you require a deposit for a photo booth rental?
Yes, we ask for a $200.00 deposit and a signed rental agreement to reserve your date but we will certainly work with you if this is an issue.

Do you provide two copies of every photo strip?
We actually give you up to 6 copies of the 2x6 strips (at no additional cost) if you select the 4x6 strip there is a nominal fee to get two copies to cover the cost of the extra photo paper.

Do you offer props?
A large prop box is included with every rental and there is NO additional charge.

Can you print a logo, monogram, graphic, or text message on our photos?
Every part of your photo strip is custom made. We work with you to design the strip that you want. We also will design a custom Welcome Screen (you can see some samples above)

Why is your price so inexpensive?
Because we are not a franchise so we are able to offer lower prices and pass on the savings to our clients. We feel our price is a fair price for the services performed.

What are the dimensions of the photo booth?
The photo booth area is approximately 5' wide x 7' long x 6.8' tall and requires an electrical outlet. Please allow extra room for the attendant and necessary extra items (props, scrapbook station, etc).

How many people can fit in the booth?
Because our booths are soft walled we have seen as many as 10 to 15 people fit into our booths.

What type of Camera is used?
We use an 18 mega pixel DSLR which is also capable of taking great HD video!

What type of printer do you use?
We use only high quality Dye-Sub printers. What that means to you is that our photos are the best possible photos you can get. You can even place our photos in a glass of water and none of the colors will smear or run. 

Are your booths portable?
Our booths are completely portable. They can go up stairs, elevators or any doorway at least 20" wide.

Is your company insured?
Yes, we fully insure all of our booths - I wouldn't recommend dealing with a company that doesn't have liability insurance.  Proof of insurance can be provided up on request.